IKEA EKTORP 3-seat sofa-bed cover

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    Slipcover elements:
    The IKEA Ektorp 3 seater sofa-bed slipcover set includes covers for 3 seat cushions, 3 back cushions and 1 for the main body.
    Important note:
    IKEA has been making 2 types of Ektorp 3-seat sofa-beds: - regular Ektorp 3-seat sofa-bed (this model) - Ektorp PIXBO 3-seat sofa-bed. Here /link/ is a description of the Ektorp PIXBO sofa-bed. It has a characteristic storage compartment in the back frame and the seating cushions are thicker at the front end. If your sofa does not have those features then you have the regular Ektorp 3-seat sofa-bed. The PIXBO is also known as the LOVAS, HAVET or MURBO.